About Us

In 1995, SitConf began as a family owned and operated company, supplying the residential furniture market out of a 6,000 square foot facility. Operating with less than a handful of employees, SitConf began its mission to supply the Canadian furniture industry with the highest quality Italian wood chairs, for a very competitive price. With the residential market changing each day, SitConf decided to take its knowledge of finely crafted seating, to the Hospitality market.

Today, SitConf, still family owned, operates with more than 30 employees out of a 120,000 square foot facility. SitConf’s major strength is the ability to stock a majority of the products showcased in their catalog and website. With over 100,000 chairs in stock at any given time, SitConf’s ability to complete projects is unmatched.

We strive to offer all three of the key ingredients that make up a great company:

  1. Quality: each of our wood chairs is manufactured by family owned companies in Italy. Companies who have been crafting chairs for generations.
  2. Service: being a family company enables us to offer the highest level of service. We care about each and every order from each and everyone of our great customers.
  3. Price: we import an average of 4 containers per month from 6 different Italian manufacturers, allowing us the buying power to negotiate the best price, while still maintaining the high level of quality control expected out of Italy. With the growing amounts of imports, we are still able to offer pricing that is extremely competitive, while still offering our clients the piece of mind that the product will hold up in the Hospitality market.

Whether you are opening a 250 seat restaurant, or just need a few chairs for your kitchen, SitConf can help. Please enjoy your time on our website, and drop us a line if you require a catalog. You can also visit us in our new 9,000 square foot showroom, and enjoy an espresso on us!